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Full documentation and information about XLRstats version 2 can be found at this subsection of our site.

Our upcoming XLRstats version 3 (League Edition) is currently being developed. You can have a glimpse on our main XLRstats website:

Image Packs

Imagepack for Medal of Honor(None)3476785
Imagepack for World of Padman(None)3275809
Imagepack for Urban Terror(None)39811220
Imagepack for Smokin' Guns(None)3249747
Imagepack for CoD5 World at War(None)3497877
Imagepack for CoD4 Modern Warfare***49581534
Imagepack for CoD, CoD:UO and CoD2*****3710955
Imagepack for BattleField bad Company 2*****4258997
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