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Author Topic: Curious  (Read 9167 times)

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Re: Curious
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2011, 04:44:28 AM »
The layout was a bit confusing at first, it grew on me, but when adding things, it does get confusing where to add it. The biggest UI complaint's I'm sitting on that the moment, is that header acoss the top of the page is to tall, the mouse over JS tooltips fail badly (although when they work they do look pretty), the icons are in a badly formed sprite sheet such that when text wraps to multiple lines the sprite sheet window gets to big and shows other sprites. This stuff I have sort of ignored do to it not being breaking issue.

The code. Yup, it definetly is, part's of it clearly were never tested, and some parts are werid (I'm still waiting for the explanation for why some functions have a return statement, then the next line is an exit. AFAIK it should never hit the calls to exit). The code structure, is weird. I'm not keen on the way some things get assumed to exist. OO-ing of the code... OO is good in moderation, but tends to get out of hand with classes where you really don't want/need a class.

Again, if you look back my orginal posts were asking where the most upto date source was so I could just get it into an installable/runable state because I wanted to consider moving some people off of Echelon 1 :P I appear to have been distracted into doing more.

With plugins, you can't always assume that just because a table is there someone is currently using a plugin. They get disabled with the old table's left active, for a fair number of people they only have one clients table with multiple chat tables (1 per game server), that all need to be linked, some people fork there chat table every month so as to shrink the working set size, but maintain the old one so they can search it. I do agree however the plugin system has some big database issues/property storing issues as it.

I would say just pick something that interests you and jump in. The only thing I'd advise skipping at the moment is UTF-8/changeable character sets as I have a worked out copy sitting waitng to be pushed out. (The backend works fine, and it works with every page, but for some reason trying to save a setting is causing the inclusion of a certain file to wig out, even though the file is normally included everywhere, and works all the other times. I'm just debugging the front end first.)


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