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Author Topic: Review  (Read 2159 times)

Offline dropdead

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« on: June 29, 2012, 01:20:59 AM »
Hi. This is my impartial review to I am not being paid or anything like that for writing this review; I am simply very impressed with the quality of service at Host4b3 and felt a positive review is the least I can do to show that. If you can't be bothered reading all of this, read from the start of the third paragraph to just get the key points.

I recently started my own Urban Terror server. I hosted it from I realised after, I wanted B3 installed on my server (don't we all). I enquired at gameserver's support as to if this is possible, and they told me they do not support it, as it requires root access, that I do not have. I thought I was stumped. My options were to:
a) Install B3 on my PC and FTP/RCON it with my gameserver - which would be difficult to install, and I do not leave my PC on 24/7, so wouldn't work.
b) Buy a dedicated server and install the server and B3 - Same complications as above and expensive.
c) Rent web hosting space with a mysql database or something like that (I still don't fully understand B3s mechanisms) - Even more complicated.

Then I came across this page on the B3 website:
It listed B3 hosting companies that provide B3 hosting, and basically act as "my PC" in Option a (see above). They would run B3 24/7 and FTP it into my gameserver. This seemed to be pretty much my only option. I opened every link there (yes every one) and opened support tickets for about half of the ones that looked best, presented their information well and looked like they new their stuff. I mean look at - the site's  mess and the support system not much better.

One site that really stuck out was - The site is easy to navigate, looks smart, USEFUL information (knowledge base, faqs...) and what not. I registered, made the same enquiries I made at every site and got a detailed response within about 10 minutes. After a few more questions, I felt they were the guys for me and I bought the B3 bot from them. Setup of the bot itself was fast - then the further responses to the numerous support tickets I made (I really needed help) were patient, straightforward and helpful. I wasn't getting half-assed answers and the staff member genuinely knew his stuff (It is infact "MordyT", from this very forum - you know your in safe hands).  On top of all this, the price was one of the cheapest listed - $5/month or $9/quarter. What's more, it is a B3 affiliate - some of the profits go back to developing the B3 project further!

If you find yourself struggling to understand B3 installation or physically unable to install B3 due to your gameserver's host's limitations, DEFINITELY hit up The low price and great support FAR outweighs any struggle you may go through trying to set up B3 yourself.  A 10/10 service.

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Re: Review
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 09:40:58 PM »
We are currently redesigning to make it more user friendly and will be adding a list of tutorials to our system to make things more streamlined and to server you better.

Tutorials will come depending on when i get silence from 4 young kids.

Feedback is always appreciated in any form.



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