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Author Topic: XLRweb  (Read 471 times)

Offline curiosity

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« on: September 05, 2016, 06:41:09 PM »
hei there! i am having a gr8 time using b3 and all of it's plugins! Still i encounter some minor problems which i hope you could help with!
first things first, i am running 2 servers atm which run on the same pc, same B3! now the .xml files are different ofc, , but i run both servers on the same xlrstats.ini file.
i am using the xlrweb aswell (! Now let's get to that minor problem...
the 1st server (*CDG* TDM|Hardcore|B3) doesn't have any issue! but the other one (*CDG* TDM|Softcore|B3), has some issues! When i go to a player's stats as you can see in the pic i attached, it shows me some errors.
How can i solve this?
if u need any other info, just tell me and i will provide it :P


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