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Step-by-step guide for installing b3 bot and creating database

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Ok here is my step-by-step guide for installing b3 bot, based to Courgette's files :-) :-) I explain further how to create database and some other details.

If you think that this is just a copy of the installers' instructions that already exist here or that is more confusion than help, then just remove it without warning me. I just wanted to help totally newbies that search for a step-by-step assistance.

From this link download the programs you need to instal:

It has a readme file that explains very well, but i will also explain the procedure here. I number the programms that you need to install:

First you install:

Then install:



4.)Then download and run this file:

Last (but not least!) for databases:

5.)Xampp (you must place it to the root directory, e.g. C:\Xampp\ )

Then you install this "git" program. Open it (it will open a console) and write to the command line: git clone git:// b3

This will download to your disk the b3 bot, no installation is required and you can place it wherever you wish.  Then you don't need git anymore, you can uninstall it, unless you want to learn more about it.


Now you have to learn xampp program for creating databases. Pretty easy. You press the "xampp_start.exe" to start xampp. It has to be opened while you run your server. If you want to close it, DON'T close it pressing the X button, it won't close that way! Instead, press the "xampp_stop.exe" to stop xampp.

Open your favourite internet browser. For an adress just type //localhost. You will be taken to xampp main page! WARNING: By default, xampp is not protected by any password! See the security section for entering passwords. I think two passwords interest you. For xampp files and for your databases (phpmyadmin section).

Then you go to "phpmyadmin" section: Here you create mysqul database for b3 bot to use. Why to create such database? Because b3 stores there some valuable informations, name of players, ips, guids, groups -admin, moderator, regular user e.t.c.-  also it stores there penalties for users who violate rules.

When you enter to "phpmyadmin" section you will see a option in the center of the screen: Create new database. Give it the name b3 and press "create" (or whatever writes to your language e.g.make). Don't alter any settings! Now that you have created your database, you need to fill it with tables. Choose your database from left, then click the import button to import b3 tables. Import the b3.sql file (it is in b3's "docs" folder). There you go, you have created your database.


For configuring b3 bot, for now you just need to edit the b3.xml file (b3\conf\ directory). It is easy. See this link for help:

//Note: if you are running your server from your computer and you don't have a static ip, i suppose that every time you connect you need to check your public ip and pass the new one to the b3.xml file.  To windows you can check easily your public ip. Start->Run->cmd->OK->ipconfig->ENTER

example using Urban terror.

To server.cfg to "Other Settings" section i have this values:

set g_logsync "1" //enables/disables direct writing to the log file instead of buffered
set g_loghits "0" //log every single hit. Creates very big logs
set g_logroll "0" //create new log every now and then, instead of always using the same one
set logfile "0"

It works fine with them. It's strange though, 'cause even if i have g_loghits to 0, in the logfile still are recorded every single hit (and that's how it should be, because b3 checks this logfile to see what's happening, it needs to know who hits who e.g.for the tk (teamkilling) plugin). I don't know, it works for me. If you face problems you can try change this variable to 1.

EDIT: Thanks to Courgette for explaining why this happens :) TK plugin for teamkills works with g_loghits set to 0, but poweradminurt plugin forces the variable to become 1, even if i've set it to 0, because it needs a more detailed hits report for the headshot counter function. This plugin is not included with the main packet and you don't need it to run b3 bot. But when you get used b3 bot and feel more comfortable with it, be sure to download this plugin, 'cause it adds much more abilities to your server!

Read manual for learning how to run ioUrTded server. Beware that maybe the first time it launches might won't use the port you've set it to use. Check this from its console and restart it if needed to use the desired port that you've configured it to use via its shortcut.

START YOUR SERVER WITH B3 BOT: When you have made everything. And you open your computer. Run xampp.exe then run your iourtDed server (restart if needed to use the desired port), then run the application (it's in the b3's folder). You are ready! :-)

I hoped i helped a bit.
Some more details:

As i've read form b3 forums, from the moment that you run b3 it has to pass 300 seconds to be fully activated. Keep in that in mind in case that something is not working from the beginning. Also, the welcome plugin it's triggered afte 30 seconds from the time that a player connects. So if you don't see the welcome messages immediately, don't worry. Just wait a bit.

Check plugins, don't fear to modify their .xml configuration files to match with your personal taste and read the topics here for further help.

Colours: You can have colours to your messages. You use ^NUMBER for that. e.g. "^1This message will appear red^7 But this White ^3This yellow"

Colour code:

0 = Black
1 = Red
2 = Green
3 = Yellow
4 = Blue
5 = Light blue
6 = Pink
7 = White

Here is also a small guideline to configure your b3.xml file properly, so to be able to communicate with your database.
I assume you are running b3 to the same computer you are running xampp!

First you must read this: below i am not fully explaining what to do, i just give some clarifications.

Let's say the username you have set for gaining access to "phpmyadmin" section is "user" and the password is "pass". Database's name is ofcourse "b3".
So you complete the setting like this:
<set name="database">mysql://user:[email protected]/b3</set>

//BOT NAME: You are not forced to use the name "b3", change it if you like (both to bot_name and bot_prefix)

//B3's LOGFILE the FULL path where your b3 logfile is, e.g. C:\PATH1\b3\b3.log
So you set <set name="logfile">C:\PATH1\b3\b3.log</set>

//SERVER SETTINGS are easy to fill. Just a notice: At least for Urban Terror, if you don't run it through quake 3 arena but you use its stand alone version, then you can't use punkbuster. So you must set <set name="punkbuster">off</set>

//PLUGINS Just a tip: if you want to deactivate a plugin, you don't have to completely remove it from the list, just put <!-- at the beggining and --> at the end (to turn it into comments, in other words). Then you can easily bring it up by removing those symbols.

Great help :)

Couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks so much ;D

 :) :) :)

thanks for this great Manual!!!


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