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Author Topic: [BETA OPEN] B3 version 1.9.0 - Win a FREE Ravaged key!  (Read 6027 times)

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[BETA OPEN] B3 version 1.9.0 - Win a FREE Ravaged key!
« on: December 15, 2012, 11:54:05 AM »
Open Beta for version 1.9.0! Win a FREE Ravaged Steam Game Key.
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The new B3 version 1.9.0 - PoisonIvy is on her way! Before we release the vew version we want the incrowd to beta test this version and have a chance on winning a FREE key for the game Ravaged!

Install the beta files, run and test them and post your findings in our beta topic for this release.

Add this to the top of your post if you want a chance on one of the 10 free keys we give away: *** I want the 2Dawn Ravaged Key! *** and tell us the name and IP of your server, so we can find it on our masterserver listing.

*** Find the beta files here on SourceForge ***

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