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Author Topic: [RELEASE] B3 1.6.1: Bugfix release  (Read 4753 times)

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[RELEASE] B3 1.6.1: Bugfix release
« on: June 08, 2011, 08:31:40 PM »
B3 1.6.1 is available for download!

What happened? And so fast after the last release?

Bugfix release
When we introduce major changes (like we did in v1.6.0) we aim to provide fast follow up releases that deal with issues 'real life' throws at us. Your feedback in our forums is well received and used to create updates.

* As you probably know we introduced some new features in version 1.6.0. One being the unicode adaption changes to the B3 core. We've found a number of improvements here and there and they made it to this version of B3.

* Also the new --update routine had a cpl of flaws that are improved. We've updated the homefront, cod7 parser and the win32 installer. We added some eventqueue verbose information to the b3.log. This was done to monitor the eventqueue through the B3 log.

Binary installer:
Since version 1.6.0 B3 comes with a new windows binary installer. The installer will attempt to install B3 in the root of the system drive (mostly C:\). This is done to avoid permission issues in the "Program Files" folder. So don't install it there! The new installer will keep all files in one folder, so the conf/ folder will no longer be in the Userdata folder, but inside the B3 folder. Use the installer to make a fresh installation in the root of the system drive (or any other folder that is not permission restricted!) and move your old configs to the new location. Always make sure you keep backups of the config files before upgrading the bot!

!!Upgrading Note!!
Database update: This version uses unicode, if you use an existing (pre 1.6.0) database it is important that you update the database. To do that you must run --update or -u once. (Mysql 5.5 users can run into issues due to locked tables, to avoid that you should make sure no webtools like echelon or xlrstats are accessing the database at the time of the update.)

Did you miss reading about changes in v1.6.0? Here's the topic:!/

detailed changelog :

mirror :
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