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Author Topic: [RELEASE] B3 v1.8.2 (Seda) - BF3 R24 update  (Read 9049 times)

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[RELEASE] B3 v1.8.2 (Seda) - BF3 R24 update
« on: June 30, 2012, 09:47:44 AM »
B3 version 1.8.2 available for download.

Game update for BF3 server R24:
- Close Quarters DLC maps available
- Better scaling through larger eventqueue

Direct (un)banning through the player repository webfront Echelon version 1:
Echelon v1 was modified for BF3 servers to be able to directly ban/unban through the webfront. This feature was developed by Mariodu62 and you can find all the info in this topic: http://bit.ly/zQeAw6

Do you want a direct view of which plugins work with BF3?
Thanks to our community input this topic brings you a clear overview: http://bit.ly/xV5kAH

- detailed changelog : http://github.com/BigBrotherBot/big-brother-bot/compare/v1.8.1...v1.8.2

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