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Author Topic: [RELEASE] B3 v1.9.1 (Poison Ivy): BF3 DLC End Game additions  (Read 12520 times)

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[RELEASE] B3 v1.9.1 (Poison Ivy): BF3 DLC End Game additions
« on: March 17, 2013, 11:53:20 AM »
As you might know, the latest BF3 DLC "End Game" is available since the 12th of Mach. It is time to release B3 v1.9.1 to add :
  • support for new BF3 maps : Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline
  • support for new BF3 gamemodes : Capture The Flag and Air Superiority
  • support for ping in BF3 : that is B3 plugins such as PingWatcher and PingKicker can now operate on BF3 servers
Part of those improvements has been contributed by ozon. Many thanks to him for helping us keeping B3 awesome.

How to load the new maps/gamemodes with B3 ?
Below are a few examples of usage of the !map command to load those new maps/gamemodes :
!map Operation Riverside, capture the flag, 2
!map river, flag, 2
!map river ctf, 2
!map Nebandan Flats, Air Superiority, 1
!map nebadan, air, 1
!map flats, air, 1
!map rail, ctf, 2
!map kiasar, air, 1
!map Sabalan Pipeline, air, 1
!map pipe, ctf, 2

How to upgrade from B3 v1.9.0 to v1.9.1 ?
install B3 v1.9.1 in a new directory
copy over your 'conf' and 'extplugins' directories from your 1.9.0 installation to your 1.9.1 installation

Detailed Changelog:


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