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Author Topic: B3 Groups - a new venture  (Read 4612 times)

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B3 Groups - a new venture
« on: January 08, 2012, 04:35:17 PM »
Hey everybody, with the upcoming beta for B3 version (v1.8.0b) we've installed a new social engine where we will be testing groups for B3.

Ehm, what's that? ...I can hear you think... Well it's a new approach that we want to try for our groups like for instance our beta testers group.

Currently we manage our groups in this forum package, but managing a large group can be a bit tedious and become foggy over time.

That is why we want to start using as a (beta)test ground for our next beta release v1.8.0b.

Joining the beta testers group is open for all, so anybody with beta-testing aspirations can register for this group. Once registered there is room for beta discussions, pages, blogs and files. That will be the place where we will upload our beta releases for the group to test.

Are you a beta tester and want to both test the new B3 beta and the groupware package? Great! Join us there for an account and become a member of the 'B3 Beta Testers'

Join in, participate in the groups that you like, create your own groups (for instance to discuss game specific administration or B3 topics) and become friends with us!

Let's give it a proper test and we'll see if it survives  ;)


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