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Author Topic: Version 1.4.1 of B3 released!  (Read 6147 times)

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Version 1.4.1 of B3 released!
« on: November 14, 2010, 05:14:08 PM »
Version 1.4.1 of B3 is available for download!
(Download here:

What changed?

First of all B3 supports a new game:
- Support for CoD:MW2 (for servers)

- Rewrite of the frostbite code for MOH and BFBC2
- Improvements to the MOH parser
- Initial Event/Action support for CoD 5 (we need confirmation of cod5 admins that this works)
- Several bugfixes and improvements

Changes between v1.4.0 and v1.4.1 can be viewed here:

Alternative download location for all releases:


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