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Author Topic: Adding support for <insert name> new game  (Read 2014 times)

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Adding support for <insert name> new game
« on: October 16, 2012, 03:02:13 PM »
I am sure you are excited about the <insert name> new game that is coming out and want to know if B3 will support it.

Here's the inside track. In order for b3 to support a game you need 2 main components:
1) The game needs to be able to work with B3
2) A B3 parser needs to be coded (or modded) for the game.

1 is simple(ish). A game needs to have 3 "main" components for it to work with B3:
a) Needs to be able to ID players and communicate with them
b) Needs to be able to send commands via some RCON interface
c) Needs to be able to read game events.

a and b are similar, although not to be confused. Being able to send commands to the gameserver is great, but if there is no way to tell the players apart, B3 can't enforce rules (unless to all players). And being able to id players (without spoofing) but not being able to send a command is kinda useless. BOTTOM LINE: It needs RCON and some GUID.

c is more complex. B3 needs to be able to see, from the gameserver, important stuff, like chat, joining, quitting, who is playing at any time, IDs. This can be in a log format, a 2 way RCON interface, or some other method, but must be available. The full list of what B3 needs can be found here:

On to 2 (A B3 parser needs to be coded (or modded) for the game.) from above.
B3 is open source, which means anyone can make changes. B3 is coded in python. Anyone who wants can code up a new parser using the tutorials here:

If you have these 2 requirements, chances of B3 support for your game is high.
Help will be given to those with a b3.log

If drop off the map it is due to RL becoming busy :)

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