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Author Topic: Playerinfo  (Read 3442 times)

Offline grosbedo

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« on: October 20, 2010, 03:31:15 PM »
Playerinfo v0.2.1 (2010-10-20)

Primary :;down=117


This plugin allow a lesser admin or moderator to access specific fields of players infos.
It is similar to !clientinfo but with limited rights (whitelist/blacklist of accessible fields of data) and a wider range of available data.


 * copy into b3/extplugins
 * copy plugin_playerinfo.xml into b3/extplugins/conf
 * update your main b3 config file with :
<plugin name="playerinfo" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/playerinfo.xml"/>


- !playerinfo <player> <field> or !pi <player> <field> to get the requested info from a player's field (eg: try ip or name).
- !playerinfolist <player> to get a list of all available fields of information for this player.
- !playerinfolistplus <player> to get a list of all available fields of information and their values for this player.

clientinfo vs playerinfo ?

As said above, !playerinfo is very similar to !clientinfo, but has some very specific functionnalities.

With playerinfo plugin, you can :
- Rights can be configured with a whitelist of accessible fields of data, or with a blacklist of inaccessible fields.
- Access to much more fields of data than !clientinfo.
    Explanation :
      !clientinfo can only access to database infos contained in the client table (this is to simplify, in reality, you access the properties of the Client object, but for your comprehension the result is the same).
      This means that with !clientinfo, you can only access some permanent fields like the ip, guid, id and such, but no kills, deaths, or score, or any other fields that are generated on the fly, by plugins (ie: stats plugin here).
     On the other hand, !playerinfo and the other related commands of this plugin were made to access _ALL_ the fields of data of a player, and as such, this plugin CAN access any field of data, could it be from the object properties or generated by a plugin (this plugin will check the fields generated by all plugins).
- List all available fields of data in-game.

What's the use ?

Imagine you have 2 player connected at the same time on your server and in the same team, one playing normally, the other AFK (or worst : spamming, cursing, etc...).

How can you find the right one to kick out when you have limited powers (eg: moderator rights) ?

Answer : use !playerinfo name_of_player kills (or teamKills if it bugs).
This way, you can differenciate easily with the score of the players.

Note : the number of accessible fields depends on the plugins you have ! This means that more b3 plugins you have, more fields you should get.
Eg : to get the number of kills and deaths fields, enable the stats plugin.


Code: [Select]
19/10/2010 - v0.1 - GrosBedo
 * Initial public release

19/10/2010 - v0.2 - GrosBedo
 * added session vars (by plugins, eg stats plugin for kills and such)
 * added !playerinfolist (show vars list) and !playerinfolistplus (show vars list and values) commands

20/10/2010 - v0.2.1 - GrosBedo
 - fix a few minor bugs

Enjoy !

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