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Nvm. After a few trials and errors, I figured out the problem. It was an invalid ASCII, "¡," in my B3 bot_prefix. I always thought it was from inputs and other things. Lol.

Thanks a lot, man.

EDIT: How do I lock this topic? Can you please lock it for me? Thanks!
Try setting log_level to 8 in  your b3 config file, that may help you figure it out.
Hi Bravo,

Yes did that initially and B3 was working again. In echelon though the GUID was in pink writing and was saying it was invalid.  Maps were crashing on the load screen for people and also they were getting kicked after a download. Never happened like that on my servers before.

Anyway in the end it was as simple as using editing in qconsole.cfg in main folder and setting legacy mode to "1"

Restarted server and B3. All guid's back to what they were and B3 running sweet as...can get straight in server without any crash or load screen errors.

I hope that works for others also if they are getting any behaviour like I had.

Yes, I understand. However, is this character from my input, from the configs, or from somewhere else? I can't quite figure it out. @@

Thank you for the response, sir.
This is the error:

UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc2 in position 3: ordinal not in range(128)

So somewhere in there you have a non ascii character that b3 doesn't like.
Try changing

_guidLength = 32


_guidLength = 19

in the parser file ( I think)
Please update to the latest version of B3 1.10.x. and post again if it still doesn't work.

You mat need to add a few python modules, see requirements.txt.
Plugins by xlr8or / Re: CountryFilter [CoD|CoD:UO|CoD2|CoD4|UrT|WoP]
« Last post by davidm23 on Yesterday at 07:40:11 PM »

As I see in the b3.log: "No module named countryfilter"

Code: [Select]
111109 21:36:58 BOT     'Loading Plugin #17 countryfilter [G:\\users\\b3avocadoo488\\extplugins\\conf\\countryfilter.xml]'
111109 21:36:58 INFO    'Could not load built in plugin countryfilter (No module named countryfilter)'
111109 21:36:58 INFO    'trying external plugin directory : G:\\users\\b3avocadoo488\\extplugins'
111109 21:36:58 BOT     'CountryfilterPlugin: Loading config G:\\users\\b3avocadoo488\\extplugins\\conf\\countryfilter.xml for CountryfilterPlugin'
111109 21:36:58 VERBOSE 'CountryfilterPlugin: Loading config'
111109 21:36:58 DEBUG   'CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored names: []'
111109 21:36:58 DEBUG   "CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored IP's: []"
111109 21:36:58 DEBUG   'CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored maxLevel: 1'
111109 21:36:58 DEBUG   'Register Event: Stop Process: CountryfilterPlugin'
111109 21:36:58 DEBUG   'Register Event: Program Exit: CountryfilterPlugin'
111109 21:36:58 BOT     'Plugin countryfilter (1.2.1 - guwashi / xlr8or) loaded'

I have no idea what's the problem because the paths are good, and here is the code what I inserted into b3.xml

Code: [Select]
<plugin config="@b3/extplugins/conf/countryfilter.xml" name="countryfilter"/>

Thanks for the help.

I have the exact same problem here with this post. Plugin seems to work in logs but when I try to do !cfcountry, it says "there was an error processing your command". I'm using python 2.7 version B3 1.9.2. 

B3 log of countryfilter part
Code: [Select]
'Loading Plugin #4 countryfilter [C:\\Python27\\Lib\\site-packages\\b3-1.9.2\\b3\\extplugins\\conf\\countryfilter.xml]'
170329 20:36:03 INFO 'countryfilter is not a built-in plugin (No module named countryfilter)'
170329 20:36:03 INFO 'trying external plugin directory : C:\\Python27\\Lib\\site-packages\\b3-1.9.2\\b3\\extplugins'
170329 20:36:03 BOT     'CountryfilterPlugin: Loading config C:\\Python27\\Lib\\site-packages\\b3-1.9.2\\b3\\extplugins\\conf\\countryfilter.xml for CountryfilterPlugin'
170329 20:36:03 VERBOSE 'CountryfilterPlugin: Loading config'
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG "CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored names: ['']"
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG "CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored IP's: ['']"
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG 'CountryfilterPlugin: Ignored maxLevel: 1'
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG "CountryfilterPlugin: Blocked IP's: ['']"
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG 'CountryfilterPlugin: Checking if connected players are allowed to connect.'
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG 'Register Event: Stop Process: CountryfilterPlugin'
170329 20:36:03 DEBUG 'Register Event: Program Exit: CountryfilterPlugin'
170329 20:36:03 BOT     'Plugin countryfilter (1.5 - guwashi / xlr8or) loaded'
170329 20:36:03 BOT    

B3 Config
Code: [Select]
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
 This file is generated by the B3 setup Procedure.
 If you want to regenerate this file and make sure the format is
 correct, you can invoke the setup procedure with the
 command : b3_run -s b3.xml

 This is B3 main config file (the one you specify when you run B3 with the
 command : b3_run -c b3.xml)

 For any change made in this config file, you have to restart the bot.
 Whenever you can specify a file/directory path, the following shortcuts
 can be used :
  @b3 : the folder where B3 code is installed in
  @conf : the folder containing this config file
<settings name="b3">
<!-- Define your game: cod/cod2/cod4/cod5/cod6/cod7/cod8
                  homefront/ro2/csgo/ravaged/arma2 -->
<set name="parser">cod7</set>
<!-- Your database info: [mysql]://[db-user]:[db-password]@[db-server[:port]]/[db-name] -->
<set name="database">mysql://b3:[email protected]/b3</set>
<!-- Name of the bot -->
<set name="bot_name">B3</set>
<!-- Ingame messages are prefixed with this code, you can use colorcodes -->
<set name="bot_prefix">^0(^4B3^0)^7:</set>
<set name="time_format">%I:%M%p %Z %d/%m/%y</set>
<!-- The timezone your bot is in -->
<set name="time_zone">CET</set>
<!-- How much detail in the logfile: 9 = verbose, 10 = debug, 21 = bot, 22 = console -->
<set name="log_level">9</set>
<!-- Name of the logfile the bot will generate -->
<set name="logfile">@conf/b3.log</set>
<settings name="server">
<!-- The RCON pass of your gameserver -->
<set name="rcon_password">*****</set>
<!-- The port the server is running on -->
<set name="port">3084</set>
<!-- The gameserver generates a logfile, put the path and name here -->
<set name="game_log">*****</set>
<!-- The public IP your gameserver is residing on -->
<set name="public_ip"></set>
<!-- The IP the bot can use to send RCON commands to ( when on the same box) -->
<set name="rcon_ip"></set>
<!-- Delay between each log reading. Set a higher value to consume less disk resources or bandwidth if you remotely connect (ftp or http remote log access) -->
<set name="delay">0.33</set>
<!-- Number of lines to process per second. Set a lower value to consume less CPU resources -->
<set name="lines_per_second">50</set>
<!-- Is the gameserver running PunkBuster Anticheat: on/off -->
<!-- set name="punkbuster">off</set -->
<settings name="update">
<!-- B3 checks if a new version is available at startup. Choose here what channel you want to check against.
            Available channels are :
                stable : will only show stable releases of B3
                beta   : will also check if a beta release is available
                dev    : will also check if a development release is available
            If you don't know what channel to use, use 'stable'

<!-- stable, beta or dev -->
<set name="channel">stable</set>
<settings name="autodoc">
<!-- Autodoc will generate a user documentation for all B3 commands -->
<!-- by default, a html documentation is created in your conf folder -->

<!-- html, htmltable or xml -->
<set name="type">html</set>
<!-- if you want to exclude commands reserved for higher levels -->
<set name="maxlevel">100</set>
<!-- Destination can be a file or a ftp url -->
<set name="destination">b3_doc.htm</set>
<settings name="messages">
<set name="kicked_by">$clientname^7 was kicked by $adminname^7 $reason</set>
<set name="kicked">$clientname^7 was kicked $reason</set>
<set name="banned_by">$clientname^7 was banned by $adminname^7 $reason</set>
<set name="banned">$clientname^7 was banned $reason</set>
<set name="temp_banned_by">$clientname^7 was temp banned by $adminname^7 for $banduration^7 $reason</set>
<set name="temp_banned">$clientname^7 was temp banned for $banduration^7 $reason</set>
<set name="unbanned_by">$clientname^7 was un-banned by $adminname^7 $reason</set>
<set name="unbanned">$clientname^7 was un-banned $reason</set>
<settings name="plugins">
<set name="external_dir">@b3/extplugins</set>
<!-- plugin order is important. Plugins that add new in-game commands all depend on the admin plugin. Make sure to have the admin plugin before them. -->
<plugin config="@conf/plugin_admin.xml" name="admin" />
<!-- plugin config="@conf/plugin_censor.xml" name="censor" / -->
<!-- plugin config="@conf/plugin_spamcontrol.xml" name="spamcontrol" / -->
<plugin config="@conf/plugin_stats.xml" name="stats" />
<plugin config="@conf/plugin_status.xml" name="status" />
<!--plugin config="@conf/plugin_welcome.xml" name="welcome" /-->
           <plugin config="@b3/extplugins/conf/countryfilter.xml" name="countryfilter" />
<!--plugin name="rotationmanager" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/rotationmanager.xml"/-->
<plugin name="antinoob" priority="9" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/antinoob.xml"/>

<plugin name="xlrstats" priority="10" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/xlrstats.xml"/>
<plugin name="awardsxlrstats" priority="11" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/awardsxlrstats.xml"/>
<plugin config="@conf/plugin_adv.xml" name="adv" />
<!--plugin config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_masteradmin.xml" name="masteradmin"/-->
<plugin name="poweradmincod7" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_poweradmincod7.xml"/>
<plugin name="spree" priority="15" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_spree.xml"/>
<plugin name="autoreg" priority="16" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/autoreg.ini"/>
<plugin name="duel" />
<!--plugin config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_geoip.xml" name="geoip" /-->
<!--plugin name="geowelcome" priority="17" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/geowelcome.xml"/-->
<!-- plugin config="@conf/plugin_punkbuster.xml" name="punkbuster" / -->
<!-- You can add new/custom plugins to this list using the same form as above. -->
Another question.Regarding the CoD4x update and B3 ( I will post on their forum also)

The new GUID with the CoD4x update is 19 digits.The GUID in previous version of CoD4x was 32 digits.The stock game GUID was also 32 digits.

Does this have an effect on B3? Is this what is causing the problem? Hope someone can figure something out soon :-) ¨

Hi All,

Since the update of "CoD4 X 1.8 linux-i386 build 2000 Mar 28 2017" B3 has ceased to be working properly.

The update again changed all GUID's of players. Admin nightmare.

B3 is running and server messages appear. There is no welcome message and no commands can be used. Nothing is getting recorded in echelon/database.

If anyone has any ideas to help a noob out it would be appreciated.

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