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Author Topic: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)  (Read 9929 times)

Offline iain17

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AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
« on: May 21, 2014, 02:13:27 AM »
    AlterAdmin BigBrotherBot plugin

    [servers using this plugin](

    Whilst setting up a aiw/repziw4 dedicated server, I had the need for a plugin especially made for mw2.
    After a while I found this somewhat old alteradmin plugin script for b3, I've fixed some bugs, added a few features and from reading the plugin's code I added the missing txt files etc.
    So you can look at this as a re-release or a release, anyways I wanted to share my work on this, for other dedi administrators and this lovely project, I'll keep working on it while I have this server alive.

    Installation instructions
    1. Add the following to your b3.xml config file: <plugin name="alteradmin" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/alteradmin.xml"/>
    2. Drag and drop the contents of the zip folder inside yourB3 installation (correct folder structure should have at least the folders "plugins" and "extplugins")
    3. Checkout alteradmin.xml in de subfolder called config located in the extplugins folder
    4. Also add any mods you may host in modlist.txt (new line seperated)
    5. Also add any maps you may host in maplist.txt (new line seperated)
    6. Also add any gametypes you may host in gametypelist.txt (new line seperated)

    That should be it, always check your b3 log if everything is running smooth :)

    - - - - -

    • All   !fpsboost   !fboost   Toggles a fps boost for the client
    • All   !no   !n   Votes against a running vote
    • All   !toadmins   !ta   <message> - Message to broadcast to online admins.
    • All   !yes   !y   Votes with a running vote
    • user   !damage   !dmg   Enabled/disable damage statistics. (always self)
    • user   !gametypelist   !gtlist   Return a list of available gametypes on this server
    • user   !ignore   !block   <action(add/remove)> <name> to ignore block private messages from that player
    • user   !lastmap   !prevmap   Return last x amount of maps that the server changed to
    • user   !maplist   !mlist   Return a list of available maps on this server
    • user   !modlist   !mdlist   Return a list of available mods on this server
    • user   !mostplayed      View the x amount of players who have played the most
    • user   !pm      <name> [<message>] - Private message a player.
    • user   !timeplayed      <name> - lookup a player's playing time
    • user   !voteban   !vb   <name> [<reason>] - vote ban a player.
    • user   !votegametype   !vg   [<gametype>] - Gametype to vote on.
    • user   !votekick   !vk   <name> [<reason>] - vote kick a player.
    • user   !votemap   !vm   [<map>] - Map to vote on.
    • user   !votemod   !vmd   <name> - change to mod.
    • user   !voterestart   !vr   Vote to restart the match
    • user   !votestatus   !vs   Returns current vote status.
    • mod   !fastrestart      Restart the current map.
    • mod   !gametype      <game type> - Change to game type.
    • mod   !map      <game type> - Change to game type.
    • mod   !maprestart      Restart the current map.
    • mod   !teleport   !tp   <name> <target> - Teleport to first parameter, if second (target) parameter is given it wil teleport self
    • admin   !clientip   !ip   <name> - Find a player's ip
    • admin   !friendlyfire   !ff   <off/on/shared> Change friendly fire setting.
    • admin   !gravity      Change the gravity setting.
    • admin   !hardcore      <on/off> Change hardcore setting.
    • admin   !ipalias      <name> - search players that have the same ip
    • admin   !jump   !jmp   <value> - the jump height setting.
    • admin   !killcam      <on/off> Change killcam setting.
    • admin   !numlives      <value> change the number on lives
    • admin   !reload      Reloads config, maplist, gametypelist, modlist without restarting b3 completely
    • admin   !reset      Respeed, gravity and timescale
    • admin   !roundlimit      <value> change round limit
    • admin   !scorelimit      <value> change score limit
    • admin   !spectate      <off/team/free> Change spectate setting.
    • admin   !spectator   !spec   <name> - Switch a player to spectator mode. Default: self
    • admin   !speed      <value> - speed setting.
    • admin   !teambalance   !balance   <name> - team balance players
    • admin   !teamswitch   !ts   <name> - Switch a player's team.
    • admin   !timelimit      <value> change time limit
    • admin   !timescale   !time   <value> - the time scale setting.
    • fulladmin   !kill      <name> - kill player.
    • fulladmin   !mod      <mod/clear> - Change to mod.
    • fulladmin   !veto      Veto (cancel) the current vote. also resets the cool down
    • senioradmin   !ipban      <name> - Ban a player's ip
    • senioradmin   !xuid      <name> - lookup a player's xuid
    • superadmin   !rcon      [<command>] - Direct rcon command.

    Please reply with any problems you may be encountering while using this plug-in, do include your b3.log if you want help.
    Credits Civice for base foundation of functions like voting system.

    Offline tahiralizeb

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #1 on: July 27, 2014, 11:34:21 PM »
    teleportation doesn't work
    explode doesn't work
    kill doesn't work
    bold doesn't work
    please tell me what should i do

    Offline Thomaxius

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #2 on: July 30, 2014, 03:07:06 PM »
    teleportation doesn't work
    explode doesn't work
    kill doesn't work
    bold doesn't work
    please tell me what should i do
    Obviously you didn't read the readme. It is related to the mod that comes with it.

    Offline chaser780

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #3 on: September 21, 2014, 04:31:34 PM »
    my alteradmin wont work.. everything loads. BUT the map list doesnt work!
    *POL Clan Owner/Founder*

    Offline doommaker

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #4 on: September 25, 2014, 04:47:25 PM »
    This plugin doesn't want to load for me:


    Code: [Select]
    140925 10:22:43	BOT    	' (b3) v1.9.2 [nt] [PoisonIvy] [Win32 standalone]'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Python: 2.7.4 (default, Apr  6 2013, 19:54:46) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Default encoding: ascii'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Starting Cod6Parser v0.6 for server'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     '--------------------------------------------'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Attempting to connect to database mysql://b3:******@localhost/b3...'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Connected to database [1 times]'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Game log D:\\\\Games\\\\mw2 s2\\\\mods\\\\isnipe3\\\\games_mp.log'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'Starting bot reading file D:\\Games\\mw2 s2\\mods\\isnipe3\\games_mp.log'
    140925 10:22:43 BOT     'rcon status Cache Expire Time: [2 sec] Type: [memory]'
    140925 10:22:43 VERBOSE "RCON sending ( 'status'"
    140925 10:22:44 BOT     'Loading Plugins (external plugin directory: D:\\Games\\mw2 s2\\BigBrotherBot\\extplugins)'
    140925 10:22:44 BOT     'Loading Plugin #1 alteradmin [D:\\Games\\mw2 s2\\BigBrotherBot\\extplugins\\conf\\alteradmin.xml]'
    140925 10:22:44 INFO 'alteradmin is not a built-in plugin (No module named alteradmin)'
    140925 10:22:44 INFO 'trying external plugin directory : D:\\Games\\mw2 s2\\BigBrotherBot\\extplugins'
    140925 10:22:44 ERROR 'Error loading plugin alteradmin'
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "b3\parser.pyo", line 673, in loadPlugins
      File "b3\parser.pyo", line 759, in pluginImport
      File "D:\Games\mw2 s2\BigBrotherBot\extplugins\", line 7, in <module>
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'plugin'
    Code: [Select]
    140925 10:22:49	WARNING	'Not starting plugin alteradmin as it was not loaded'

    edit* I fixed it! I moved the plugin line in the b3.xml .I just don't understand why it does not work when it is on the top of the list of plugins?....

    my alteradmin wont work.. everything loads. BUT the map list doesnt work!
    The format and location of the maplist file may be the cause of error.You may try my map list if you would like!kAd3TJDT!RX-2kwy0qapqK42ptTHNHo3FB9R-lqANHWLuOHUjA9I. There is a way to change the directory that alteradmin uses to find the maplist but I believe the default is in BigBrotherBot\extplugins\conf.

    Sorry if this didn't help and good luck.
    « Last Edit: September 27, 2014, 02:03:24 AM by doommaker »

    Offline doommaker

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #5 on: September 27, 2014, 09:08:18 PM »

    I forgot to mention: Type !reload in-game after you use my maplist.

    Offline EndeRzzz

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #6 on: December 23, 2014, 07:21:06 PM »
    THE DOWNload link dose not work :(  :-[

    Offline rodney465

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    Re: AlterAdmin CoD6 (mw2)
    « Reply #7 on: May 07, 2017, 04:11:32 PM »
    can u re-upload the download link dont work


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