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Author Topic: Poweradmin for Homefront  (Read 4582 times)

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Poweradmin for Homefront
« on: April 26, 2011, 07:46:51 PM »

Description: Poweradmin for Homefront translates your hf admin commands to B3 commands so you can level them and assign them to usergroups. This plugin extends the standard B3 commands.

You will no longer need to log in to your homefront server or give away your rcon password to others to enable them to use these commands:

!payell (yell) <text> - Text displays in the MOTD area (42 chars max!)
!paident (id) <player> - Expose a players steam ID
!pakill (kill) <player> - Kill a player
!paspectate (spectate) <player> - Force a player to spectate
!pachangeteam (ct) <player> - Force a player to swap teams
!panextmap (endmap) - End current map and move to the next one in rotation

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