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Author Topic: How does this work, what do we expect from our Beta Testers?  (Read 2304 times)

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How does this work, what do we expect from our Beta Testers?
« on: November 05, 2010, 06:10:34 PM »
Ofcourse a Beta Tester should test the packages that we post here. And thanks for doing so!
Why? Well, because it helps us to speed up the release procedure a lot and it prevents that we have to bugfix releases frequently. For us devs it is hard to test beta packages continually on all games before releasing. A Beta Testers group is divers in setup, OS and games so that reduces risk of bugs. It saves us tons of time.

1.) The devs code
2.) The Beta Testers test
3.) We release a new version

Before testing make sure you set the loglevel to 9 (or 8 if you are getting errors on specific matters) in b3.xml

  • If all goes well it is good to see a confirming reply to the specific thread.
  • When errors occur it is good to attach the b3.log to the reply and add an explanation in as much detail as possible.

Running tests for beta's (and alpha's) will be stickied in this board, if they are finished/obsolete the posts will be unstickied, locked and after a while removed.

If we are looking for specific tests we will ask and explain in the post what to look/test for.

DO NOT use this board for support requests. If you are not able to install or run a normal B3 instance you're not supposed to use the beta releases anyways.
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