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Category Name Total Files
Here are the links to the current releases and development snapshots.
 Sub Categories: B3 Python Package  B3 Source Code  B3 Windows Packages  
3rd party Plugins
Extends B3 with external plugins (chalogger, poweradmin, spree, ...)
 Sub Categories: Plugins for the CoD series  Plugins for Urban Terror  Plugins for Bad Company 2  Plugins for Medal of Honor  Plugins for HomeFront  Plugins for Battlefield 3  Plugins for games running the Source engine  
Echelon Web Investigation Tool
Echelon is a website letting you review your playercrowd B3 related activity and history. (warnings, kicks, bans...)
XLRstats is a statistics website and plugin for BigBrotherBot (B3) showing live player statistics.

Also visit the XLRstats product page for more info and documentation.
 Sub Categories: Image Packs  Ranks images  XLRstats Webfront Core Packages  
Misc. Files
Files we cannot fit elsewhere go here.

Mods for games, fixes, sql files, configurations. That kind of stuff.

Recent Downloads

BadWeaponForYou[UrT] B3 >= 1.10
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 1160
Views: 8337
Contact B3 >= 1.10
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 1342
Views: 9735
TagProtect B3 >= 1.10
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 1258
Views: 7677
Gotospec[UrT] B3 >= 1.10
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 1135
Views: 8163

Top Rated

Echelon version 2 development snapshot
Rating: *****
Downloads: 7529
Views: 23696
Echelon Web Investigation Tool Version 1.1.0
Rating: ****
Downloads: 10166
Views: 28497
XLRstats v2.3 Security Release!
Rating: *****
Downloads: 14280
Views: 34109
Translators Plugin
Rating: *****
Downloads: 2669
Views: 16671

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