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In our support boards we aim to provide support for the B3 core in its current state. Older releases of B3 are NOT supported. Check our front page for the latest version. You may post feature requests in our General Discussion board. Modifications and Hacks of the core B3 code are NOT supported.
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Author Topic: Having trouble installing B3? Need Support?  (Read 10843 times)

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Having trouble installing B3? Need Support?
« on: March 12, 2009, 09:05:46 PM »
Although the easy-install method we provide through pypi and the egg distribution in there is our preferred method, there are some installation packages available that will make installing B3  easier.

Check the installers here:

You can also check out floatergx's step-by-step guide here:

Need support?

B3 is a python program and uses 3rd party software like python and mysql. We assume that you know how to use python and mysql. If not you should consult the documentation for these if you have problems or questions on how to administer each.

What can you expect?

We will support:
  • basic install issues regarding B3 and its configuration.
  • issues regarding B3 usage

We will NOT support:
  • Installation of dependancies like mySQL, python a.s.f.
  • 3rd party software (also including rcon tools, service daemons, operating systems a.s.f.)
Discussing these topics is okay, demanding support for them is not. Topics that don't meet these criteria will be locked or removed.

If you feel left out, because your gamehoster won't install B3, python and mySQL for you, don't blame us. Just switch your gamehoster for one that does offer B3 pre-installed. There are several topics in these forums that can help you find the correct gamehosting company. We encourage hosting companies to install and support B3 for their clients and are receptive to their questions and suggestions.

We only provide B3 support in the support forums.
We all have our own time, and we contribute to B3 as volunteers, not paid support staff, with other aspects of our life coming before B3. As such, you cannot take prompt support as a given, though we endeavour to provide it in most circumstances.
Because of this, please do not attempt to contact a member of these forums for B3 support through PMs, MSN, Xfire, IRC without their asking you first, people will help you when they want to help you, and it's rude if you pester them for help.
In almost every case a support topic will provide you with the same result.
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Read This BEFORE posting here!
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2011, 10:10:57 PM »
(to admins, feel free to merge with xlr's topic)

Please, Please, Please, if you ask for support here.

1) Post your b3.xml (remove passwords)
2) Post your b3.log (remove mysql password). The WHOLE thing! Not 2 lines of it. Make sure your b3.xml is set to log level 9.
3) Post your OS, B3 type (win, egg, source), what version of python, mysql you are using. If using xampp, say so.
4) Post a screenshot of the screen you see if it gives an error.
5) Most IMPORTANT! Follow EVERY SINGLE STEP that is given to you. Doesn't matter if it makes sense, doesn't matter if it is boring, doesn't matter if you already did it. We NEED you to do what we ask if you want us to help you. Read what is asked, read it again, then, when making your reply, make sure you have followed it.
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Help will be given to those with a b3.log

If drop off the map it is due to RL becoming busy :)

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Re: Having trouble installing B3? Need Support?
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2011, 07:14:25 PM »


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