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Author Topic: Starting Plugins Error  (Read 1776 times)

Offline Splashing

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Starting Plugins Error
« on: May 10, 2014, 08:04:19 PM »
When I start up b3_run.py everything is going smoothly until it gets up to Starting Plugins

Code: [Select]
Starting www.bigbrotherbot.net (b3) v1.9.2 [posix] [PoisonIvy]

Using config file: /b3sr8/b3/conf/b3.xml
checking for updates...
latest B3 stable version is 1.9.2
...no update available.
Using external plugin directory: /b3sr8/b3/extplugins
Activating log   : /b3sr8/b3/conf/b3.log
Connecting to DB : OK
Using Gamelog    : /root/UrbanTerror/q3ut4/games.log
Testing RCON     : OK
Loading Events   : 34 events loaded
Loading Plugins  : ............. (16)
Starting Plugins : [email protected]:~#

b3.log - http://pastebin.com/pt7460cy
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Offline Fenix

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2014, 08:24:37 PM »
The configuration file of your admin plugin is broken. Try to fix it or download a fresh copy and start from there (if you are not very familiar with XML syntax)

Offline Splashing

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2014, 08:43:58 PM »

Offline Fenix

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2014, 08:57:42 PM »
There were 2 syntax errors. I fixed both:

Code: xml [Select]

<configuration plugin="admin">
<settings name="commands">
        Define here what minimum group users must be in to use commands.

        Groups are (keyword / level : description)
        superadmin / 100 : Super admin (server owner)
        senioradmin / 80 : Senior admins
        fulladmin / 60   : Full admins
        admin / 40       : Admins
        mod / 20         : Moderators
        reg / 2          : Regular players (VIP)
        user / 1         : Registered players (those who typed !register)
        guest / 0        : Unregistered players
<set name="enable">superadmin</set>
<set name="disable">superadmin</set>
<set name="die">superadmin</set>
<set name="reconfig">superadmin</set>
<set name="restart">superadmin</set>
<set name="mask">superadmin</set>
<set name="unmask">superadmin</set>
<set name="runas-su">superadmin</set>

<set name="pause">senioradmin</set>
<set name="rebuild">senioradmin</set>
<set name="clientinfo">senioradmin</set>
<set name="putgroup">superadmin</set>
<set name="ungroup">superadmin</set>

<set name="permban-pb">senioradmin</set>
<set name="map">senioradmin</set>
<set name="maprotate">senioradmin</set>
<set name="warnclear-wc">senioradmin</set>
<set name="clear-kiss">senioradmin</set>
<set name="lookup-l">senioradmin</set>
<set name="makereg-mr">senioradmin</set>
<set name="unreg-ur">senioradmin</set>
<set name="spankall-sall">superadmin</set>
<set name="banall-ball">superadmin</set>
<set name="kickall-kall">superadmin</set>
<set name="pbss">senioradmin</set>

<set name="ban-b">fulladmin</set>
<set name="unban">fulladmin</set>
<set name="spank-sp">fulladmin</set>

<set name="tempban-tb">fulladmin</set>
        <set name="baninfo-bi">admin</set>
        <set name="lastbans-lbans">admin</set>
<set name="kick-k">admin</set>
<set name="admintest">admin</set>
<set name="scream">fulladmin</set>
<set name="notice">admin</set>

<set name="find">mod</set>
<set name="aliases-alias">mod</set>
<set name="warns">admin</set>
<set name="warninfo-wi">admin</set>
<set name="warnremove-admin">mod</set>
<set name="warn-w">admin</set>
<set name="warntest-wt">admin</set>
<set name="spams">mod</set>
<set name="spam-s">mod</set>
<set name="list">mod</set>
<set name="admins">mod</set>
<set name="say">mod</set>
<set name="status">mod</set>
<set name="leveltest-lt">mod</set>
<set name="poke">mod</set>

<set name="b3">mod</set>

<set name="seen">reg</set>
<set name="maps">reg</set>
<set name="nextmap">reg</set>

        <set name="regulars-regs">reg</set>
<set name="regtest">user</set>
<set name="time">user</set>

<set name="help-h">guest</set>
<set name="register">guest</set>
<set name="rules-r">guest</set>
<settings name="settings">
        <!-- noreason_level : admin from this level are not required to specify a reason when giving penalties to players -->
<set name="noreason_level">superadmin</set>
<!-- hidecmd_level : level required to be able to use hidden commands. On quake3 based games, a hidden command can be issued by
             telling to command to oneself -->
<set name="hidecmd_level">senioradmin</set>
<!-- long_tempban_level : admin level required to be able to issue bans longer than long_tempban_max_duration -->
<set name="long_tempban_level">senioradmin</set>
<!-- long_tempban_max_duration : maximum ban duration that can be inflicted by admin of level below long_tempban_level -->
<set name="long_tempban_max_duration">3h</set>
<!-- command_prefix : the prefix that should be put before b3 commands -->
<set name="command_prefix">!</set>
<!-- comamnd_prefix_loud : some commands can have their result broadcasted to the whole player crowed instead of only to
the player issuing the command. To have such a behavior, use this command prefix instead -->
<set name="command_prefix_loud">@</set>
<!-- command_prefix_big : some commands can have their result broadcasted to the whole player crowed as a bigtext.
             To have such a behavior, use this command prefix instead -->
<set name="command_prefix_big"><![CDATA[&]]></set>
<!-- admins_level : minimum level for groups to consider as admins -->
<set name="admins_level">mod</set>
<!-- ban_duration : tempban duration to apply to the !ban and !banall commands -->
<set name="ban_duration">14d</set>
<settings name="messages">
<set name="ban_denied">^7Hey %s^7, you're no Elvis, can't ban %s</set>
<set name="help_available">^7Available commands: %s</set>
<set name="temp_ban_self">^7%s ^7Can't ban yourself newb</set>
<set name="groups_in">^7%s^7 is in groups %s</set>
<set name="say">^7%s^7: %s</set>
<set name="player_id">^7%s [^2%s^7]</set>
<set name="seen">^7%s ^7was last seen on %s</set>
<set name="help_no_command">^7Command not found %s</set>
<set name="lookup_found">^7[^[email protected]%s^7] %s^7 [^3%s^7]</set>
<set name="kick_self">^7%s ^7Can't kick yourself newb!</set>
<set name="groups_welcome">^7You are now a %s</set>
<set name="warn_denied">%s^7, %s^7 owns you, can't warn</set>
<set name="groups_already_in">^7%s^7 is already in group %s</set>
<set name="temp_ban_denied">^7Hey %s^7, you're no ^1Red ^7Elvis, can't temp ban %s</set>
<set name="players_matched">^7Players matching %s %s</set>
<set name="ban_self">^7%s ^7Can't ban yourself newb!</set>
<set name="regme_annouce">^7%s ^7put in group %s</set>
<set name="kick_denied">^7%s^7 gets 1 point, %s^7 gets none, %s^7 wins, can't kick</set>
<set name="no_players">^7No players found matching %s</set>
<set name="spanked_reason">%s ^7was ^1SPANKED^7 by %s ^7for %s</set>
<set name="groups_added">^7%s ^7added to group %s</set>
<set name="groups_put">^7%s ^7put in group %s</set>
<set name="groups_none">^7%s^7 is not in any groups</set>
<set name="help_command">^2%s%s ^7%s</set>
<set name="warn_self">^7%s ^7Can't warn yourself newb!</set>
<set name="regme_regged">^7You are now a %s</set>
<set name="help_none">^7You have no available commands</set>
<set name="spanked">%s ^7was ^1SPANKED^7 by %s</set>
<set name="admins">^7Admins online: %s</set>
<set name="regulars">^7Regular players online: %s</set>
<set name="no_regulars">^7There are no regular players online</set>
<set name="time">At the sound of the beep it will be ^3%s^7...(beeeep)</set>
<set name="unknown_command">^7Unrecognized command %s</set>
<set name="leveltest">^7%s ^7[^[email protected]%s^7] is a ^3%s ^7[^2%s^7] since %s</set>
<set name="leveltest_nogroups">^7%s ^7[^[email protected]%s^7] is not in any groups</set>
<set name="aliases">^7%s^7 aliases: %s</set>
        <set name="cmd_plugin_disabled">^7cannot execute command. Plugin disabled</set>
<settings name="warn">
<!-- pm_global determines whether the warning is sent to the the whole server, or just the player and admin, to reduce chatbox spam.
             0 is whole server, 1 is private.
<set name="pm_global">0</set>
<!-- alert_kick_num : if a player reach this number of active warnings he will be notified by with message then tempbanned -->
<set name="alert_kick_num">3</set>
<!-- instant_kick_num : if a player reach this number of active warnings he will be tempbanned right away -->
<set name="instant_kick_num">5</set>
<!-- tempban_num : when the number of warnings goes over this limit, the player is tempban for tempban_duration -->
<set name="tempban_num">6</set>
<!-- tempban_duration : for how long to tempban a players whose number of warning exceeded tempban_num -->
<set name="tempban_duration">1d</set>
<!-- max_duration : when the bot decides to tempban (warning exceeding alert_kick_num) the ban duration is
computed from the duration of each of the active warnings but will never exceed max_duration -->
<set name="max_duration">1d</set>
<!-- message : template for building warning messages -->
<set name="message">^1WARNING^7 [^3$warnings^7]: $reason</set>
<!-- warn_delay : an given player cannot only be given one warning every warn_delay seconds -->
<set name="warn_delay">15</set>
<!-- reason : template for building warning message when a player exceeds the tolerated number of warnings -->
<set name="reason">^7too many warnings: $reason</set>
<!-- duration_divider : tempbanned duration is computed from the sum of all active warnings durations divided by duration_divider -->
<set name="duration_divider">30</set>
<!-- alert : when a player receives his last warning tolerated warning, this message is broadcasted so an admin can decide to clear it and
this teaches other players too -->
<set name="alert">^1ALERT^7: $name^7 auto-kick from warnings if not cleared [^3$warnings^7] $reason</set>
    <!-- warn_command_abusers will make the bot warn players who try to use command they don't have suffisent rights to use or warn
    players who try invalid commands  -->
    <set name="warn_command_abusers">yes</set>
<settings name="spamages">
    <!-- You can define shortcuts to messages that can be used with the !spam command. Note if the message shortcut is of
    the form 'rule#' where # is a number between 1 and 20, they will be used for the !rules command. -->
<set name="vent">^3Ventrilo voice chat: ^ ^3password ^2nffoov^3, www.ventrilo.org</set>
<set name="join">^3Join Austin Server by signing up on the forums at www.austinserver.com</set>
<set name="forum">^3Visit the Austin Server forums at www.austinserver.com</set>
<set name="rtfm">^3RTFM! www.austinservers.com</set>
<set name="stack">^7No clan stacking, members must split evenly between the teams, go spectator and wait if you have to</set>

<set name="rule1">^3Rule #1: No racism of any kind</set>
<set name="rule2">^3Rule #2: No clan stacking, members must split evenly between the teams</set>
<set name="rule3">^3Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)</set>
<set name="rule4">^3Rule #4: No abusive language or behavior towards admins or other players</set>
<set name="rule5">^3Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game (double caret (^)) color in names</set>
<set name="rule6">^3Rule #6: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else</set>
<set name="rule7">^3Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers</set>
<set name="rule8">^3Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language)</set>
<set name="rule9">^3Rule #9: Do ^1NOT ^3fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning</set>
<set name="rule10">^3Rule #10: Offense players must play for the objective and support their team</set>
<set name="rule11">^3Rule #11: Do ^1NOT ^3ask for admin</set>
<set name="rule12">^3Rule #12: Do ^1NOT ^3accuse anyone, take a demo and post it at painkillers.enjin.com</set>
<set name="rule13">^3Rule #13: Follow the rules or you will get ^1KICKED ^3and/or ^1BANNED</set>
<settings name="warn_reasons">
  <!-- Define here shorcuts for warning reasons. Those shortcuts can be used with the !kick, !tempban, !ban, and !permban commands.
  The format of warning reasons can be of the form "<duration>, <message>". The duration defines how long such a warning will
  last before expiring. The message is what will be sent to the player.
  NOTE : in the message, you can make reference to an existing spammage shortcut by using the form '/spam#<spammage keyword>' 
  NOTE2 : you can define warning shortcuts aliases if you don't use duration and the message is of the form '/<warn shortcut>'-->
<set name="generic">1h, ^7</set>
<set name="default">1h, ^7behave yourself</set>

<set name="rule1">10d, /spam#rule1</set>
<set name="rule2">1d, /spam#rule2</set>
<set name="rule3">1d, /spam#rule3</set>
<set name="rule4">1d, /spam#rule4</set>
<set name="rule5">1h, /spam#rule5</set>
<set name="rule6">1d, /spam#rule6</set>
<set name="rule7">1d, /spam#rule7</set>
<set name="rule8">3d, /spam#rule8</set>
<set name="rule9">1d, /spam#rule9</set>
<set name="rule10">3d, /spam#rule10</set>
<set name="rule11">1d, /spam#rule11</set>
<set name="rule12">1d, /spam#rule12</set>
<set name="rule13">1d, /spam#rule13</set>

<set name="stack">1d, /spam#stack</set>

<set name="lang">/rule8</set>
<set name="language">/rule8</set>
<set name="cuss">/rule8</set>
<set name="profanity">/rule8</set>

<set name="name">/rule5</set>
<set name="color">1h, ^7No in-game (double caret (^)) color in names</set>
<set name="badname">1h, ^7No offensive, potentially offensive, or annoying names</set>
<set name="spec">/spectator</set>

<set name="adv">/rule7</set>
<set name="racism">/rule1</set>
<set name="stack">/rule2</set>
<set name="recruit">/rule6</set>
<set name="argue">/rule3</set>
<set name="sfire">/rule9</set>
<set name="spawnfire">/rule9</set>
<set name="jerk">/rule4</set>

<set name="afk">5m, ^7you appear to be away from your keyboard</set>
<set name="tk">1d, ^7stop team killing!</set>
<set name="obj">1h, ^7go for the objective!</set>
<set name="camp">1h, ^7stop camping or you will be kicked!</set>
<set name="fakecmd">1h, ^7do not use fake commands</set>
<set name="nocmd">1h, ^7do not use commands that you do not have access to, try using !help</set>
<set name="ci">5m, ^7connection interrupted, reconnect</set>
<set name="spectator">5m, ^7spectator too long on full server</set>
<set name="spam">1h, ^7do not spam, shut-up!</set>

If this happens again you can test the velidity of XML configuration files online suing the W3C tool: http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp

Offline Splashing

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #4 on: May 10, 2014, 09:06:13 PM »
Thank you :) But it's still not working? :s

Offline Fenix

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #5 on: May 10, 2014, 09:10:26 PM »
It should. The XML file I gave you contains no errors. Anyway, it's better to use a new configuration file: https://github.com/BigBrotherBot/big-brother-bot/blob/master/b3/conf/plugin_admin.xml

Offline Splashing

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Re: Starting Plugins Error
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2014, 09:12:13 PM »
Okay, Thanks for your help ^_^


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