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Author Topic: MoH Information  (Read 2735 times)

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MoH Information
« on: October 11, 2010, 11:47:23 PM »
As you might know, a few weeks ago I was very kindly sent a copy of Medal of Honor by DICE in order to get a version of the parser out on release day. Due to illness and server issues, I've been unable to test everything, but thanks to the help DICE has given us we've been able to cobble a parser together for MoH for release day (a first for B3!)

The parser will be buggy - B3 is unlike the other admin tools who were given access purely because it reads server events - and most are not available when you only have one cd key (stuff like kills, assists, teamkills etc). So, what you should expect to work:

* Most admin commands (the usual ones, spam, kick, etc)
* Most plugins that are non-game specific (apart from those that rely on the below)

What you should not expect to work:

* Anything that relies on kills or ingame events (untested)
* !map - please just disable this command for the time being

There will almost certainly be random glitches - again, whilst this builds on the Frostbite parser we have for BC2, not everything behaves the same - and if it goes wrong, it goes wrong.

Please set your debug levels (in the B3 config) to 8 and send me your logfiles if you get errors! My email is in my profile - I may not respond to you but please be aware that your reports are read!

We will be issuing a number of maintenance releases over the next few weeks - it's important that you update - support will only be given for the very latest versions of the parser.


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