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Author Topic: [RELEASE] B3 v1.9.0 (Poison Ivy)  (Read 5839 times)

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[RELEASE] B3 v1.9.0 (Poison Ivy)
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:38:38 PM »
We are happy to annouce the new BigBrotherBot version 1.9.0 (Poison Ivy) after extensive testing thanks to all who participated and sent us their valuable feedback!

With the new version of B3, we have added 5 NEW GAMES! Urban Terror 4.2, CoD8 / 4D1, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Arma II (including DayZ mod) and Ravaged are all added in the supported games list!

Not only new games but also lots of tweaks, improvements and bug fixes were added in the new version. So make sure to upgrade your versions to the latest stable release.

New Games Supported:

Game related changes:
  • BF3: updated with DLC "Close Quarter", "Armored kill" and "Aftermath" maps and gamemode info
  • BF3: command !map can optionally specify the wanted gamemode and number or rounds : !map firestorm, conquest64, 2
  • Red Orchestra 2 now working with the B3 win32 packages
  • Urban Terror : fix !nextmap bug when the mapcycle file contains empty lines
  • Urban Terror : improves !map <map name> capabilities to find out the correct map name when given name is an approximate
  • Quake3 based games: fixes the 'RCON: too much tries' error message that appeared with v1.8.2
  • Red Orchestra 2 : Update client/server

Plugin related changes:
  • The !help command does not make B3 unresponsive anymore on Quake3 based games
  • Xlrstats plugin: fixes issue with command !xlrstats command silently failing on a 1st time seen map
  • Admin plugin: new command !unreg <player> which removes a player from the 'regular' group. Work together with the existing !makereg <player> command
  • Admin plugin: new command !lastbans which lists the 5 last active bans/tempbans
  • Admin plugin: new command !regulars which lists online players from the 'Regular' group
  • Adv plugin: add new message keyword '@regulars' that will run the Admin plugin command !regulars
  • Spamcontrol plugin : you can define the minimum group required to use the !spamins command. Also you can now define an alias for the spamins command.
  • In plugin config files, you can use group keywords (user, reg, mod, admin, fulladmin, senioradmin, superadmin) instead of group levels when defining commands' required level

Upgrading note:
  • Now B3 ensures group levels do exists when used in plugin config files. The plugin_admin.xml config files was using bad group level prior to B3 1.9. Make sure to correct them by comparing your own plugin_admin.xml with the new one.
  • SpamControl plugin : The config file plugin_spamcontrol.xml has a new section regarding the !spamins command. Make sure to update your config file.
  • FTP : if your b3.xml is set up to read your game server log file over ftp, then you may have to adjust the game_log value if you see that it isn't working good anymore. The correct url to set for game_log is the url that works in your Internet Browser.
  • The plugin_admin.xml file has new items for added commands !unreg, !lastbans and !regulars. Make sure to add those to the 'commands' section of your plugin_admin.xml file, also add the two new messages templates 'regulars' and 'no_regulars' in the 'messages' section.

Detailed Changelog:

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