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Author Topic: [WANTED] Beta Testers for B3/BF3!  (Read 7366 times)

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[WANTED] Beta Testers for B3/BF3!
« on: October 24, 2011, 07:36:40 PM »
We are looking for a new, dedicated group of admins/clans that are willing to pitch in with our B3 development for BF3.

We need beta testers that can run B3 from source and get regular snapshots from our main BF3 development github branch: http://bit.ly/oN8VU1 (this is Courgette's branch). So there are no windows binaries before the first (beta) release.

Is your clan an adult group of dedicated players and willing to help us out by running the cutting edge code for BF3?

>> Then we are looking for you guys - REPLY HERE <<

Our B3 development servers:
Server provided by LowPingGameServers

BigBrotherBot #1 - Europe, The Netherlands

BigBrotherBot #2 - U.S.A., Dallas
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