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Author Topic: [RELEASE] B3 v1.7.1 (Myrthe)  (Read 7200 times)

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[RELEASE] B3 v1.7.1 (Myrthe)
« on: August 28, 2011, 07:04:26 PM »
B3 version 1.7.1 available for download.
(A few hours after release of v1.7.0 we discovered a bug in q3a/rcon. This error is fixed in this version)

What changed?

Improvements :
- Homefront : additions to support last game server patches
- Urban Terror : improved damagehandling
- Cod7 : the !kick command will now display the reason the the kicked player
- BFBC2 and MoH : fix map related commands when game mode would change at next round
- XLRstats added options to hide/disregard ingame playerbots
- Store IP aliases for players
- ftp, sftp and http now able to append to local log
- add experimental support for sqlite databases
- Punkbuster Plugin: FTP support to update pbbans.dat
- many minor fixes and improvements

New games supported :
- Support for Soldier of Fortune 2 (modified ROCmod by:
- Beta support for Frontlines, Fuel of War

Changes for plugin developers :
- all games : new event EVT_GAME_MAP_CHANGE available
- all games : data provided with EVT_CLIENT_BAN_TEMP and EVT_CLIENT_BAN changed to provide more info (might break some plugins)
- the !reconfig command will call onLoadConfig() from all plugins

Upgrade Notice :
There is a new table to hold IP aliases. Use the b3_run --update command to have the new table created, or execute the b3-update-1.7.0.sql script in phpmyadmin

detailed changelog :

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