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Author Topic: B3 v1.7.0 now in beta  (Read 3921 times)

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B3 v1.7.0 now in beta
« on: July 26, 2011, 03:31:28 PM »
Next version of B3 is now in beta testing: version 1.7.0b

The beta testers group is starting to use this version which brings support for two oldies: Soldier of Fortune 2 and Frontlines, Fuel of War, the predecessor of recently released game Homefront.

Soldier of Fortune 2 is a classic Quake3 based game, but it's vanilla version has no support for private messaging. B3 likes to send private messages to admins and players so it appears less spammy. Thanks to the support of the guys at there is a modified version of the most used mod for sof2 available: ROCmod with Private Messaging.

Frontlines, Fuel of War is a game based on the UT3 engine, which is a first for B3. As we can see, B3 spreads its wings over more and more game engines.

When the next version will be released is not yet clear, but it is eminent.


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