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Author Topic: UPDATE: Homefront Support  (Read 4442 times)

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UPDATE: Homefront Support
« on: March 20, 2011, 11:03:18 AM »
(Posted in both the homefront support topic and news section)

Thanks guys for your donations and concerns so far!

4 devs have been able to order/buy a copy of the game. Partially from the contributions received, partially from the existing fund and partially out of our own pockets.

(I've also shot an e-mail to RCONHostingServices to explore what possibilities there are.)

As it appears now we are able to start development by the end of the week, some copies are ordered and still in the mail, some have received them already.

We will not be able to give you guys an ETA but we aim to get a full beta release out fast, hopefully with XLRstats support and a poweradmin-HomeFront plugin.

Meanwhile we are still in a release phase for version 1.5.0 (CoD:BO support and several updates) which will probably leave beta this week. So you can expect a release soon.

The new version 1.6.0 (HomeFront edition) will become bleeding edge straight after.

More news to share while we're at it. A separate branch (setup) was started to further improve our setup procedure. We will try to setup the database tables from the setup procedure. We will also introduce config templates for each game so first time users have a default set of options loaded into the setup procedure specific to their game. This should reduce the number of config errors and make b3 friendlier to install. Also hosting providers can more easily create a template and provide users with a provider specific set of settings.


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