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Author Topic: Kick Event Issue  (Read 456 times)

Offline st0rm

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Kick Event Issue
« on: October 30, 2016, 11:39:05 PM »

I am kinda working on making a discord bot that post when people get kicked, banned into a discord server. I found some code from mamba of his twitter banned and modified to my needs. I can't seem to get the admin that kicked/banned or the reason for the penalty. Code break when this gets called.
Code: [Select]
 admin = b3.clients.getByCID(p.adminId)

this is the error
161030 17:32:17 ERROR    "Handler DiscordbanPlugin could not handle event Client Kicked: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'getByCID' [('C:\\\\Games\\\\Cod4HNS\\\\b3\\\\b3\\\\', 1412, 'handleEvents', 'hfunc.parseEvent(event)'), ('C:\\\\Games\\\\Cod4HNS\\\\b3\\\\b3\\\\', 479, 'parseEvent', 'func(event)'), ('C:\\\\Games\\\\Cod4HNS\\\\b3\\\\b3\\\\extplugins\\\\', 77, 'onEvent', 'admin = b3.clients.getByCID(p.adminId)')]"

action = ''

    if event.type ==
   action = 'kicked'

    if event.type ==
   action = 'banned'

    if event.type ==
   action = 'banned'

    p = self.getLastBanKick(event.client)
    clientName =
    admin = b3.clients.getByCID(p.adminId)
    self.debug('Posting Update to discord: %s' % admin.admin)
    text = '%s %s %s' % (self.removeColors(, action, clientName)
    self.debug('Posting Update to discord: %s' % text)
    text = '%s: for %s' % (text, self.removeColors(p.reason))

  def getLastBanKick(self, client):
    q = "select * from `penalties` where client_id = %i and type in ('Ban', 'TempBan', 'Kick') order by time_add desc limit 1 " %
    cursor =
    g = cursor.getOneRow()
    if not g:
      self.debug('Nothing found')
    return None
    self.debug('Found at least one row: %s' % (str(g)))

    penalty = b3.clients.Penalty() = int(g['id'])
    penalty.type = g['type']
    penalty.keyword = g['keyword']
    penalty.reason = g['reason'] = g['data']
    penalty.duration = g['duration']
    penalty.inactive = int(g['inactive'])
    penalty.timeAdd  = int(g['time_add'])
    penalty.timeEdit = int(g['time_edit'])
    penalty.timeExpire = int(g['time_expire'])
    penalty.clientId = int(g['client_id'])
    penalty.adminId = int(g['admin_id'])

    return penalty

Any idea how to fix this?
« Last Edit: October 31, 2016, 12:16:17 AM by st0rm »

Offline 82ndAB.Bravo17

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Re: Kick Event Issue
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2016, 12:27:49 AM »


Offline Fenix

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Re: Kick Event Issue
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2016, 11:41:46 AM »

I suggest self.console.clients.getByCID(cid), since he's already referring to the parser using self.console :)


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