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Title: Mapcycle Plugin
Post by: Fenix on May 17, 2014, 02:57:10 PM

A BigBrotherBot plugin which enhances the mapcycle system of Urban Terror. At the beginning of every level, it computes the g_nextmap according to the maps listed in the plugin configuration file and the last map played on the server. The algorithm which computes the nextmap ensure to have always a different level set as g_nextmap. It's meant to promote maps that are barely played on the server to make the gameplay more interesting. The plugin is also capable of setting server cvars according to the level being played: such cvars needs to be specified in the plugin configuration file.


<plugin name="mapcycle" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/plugin_mapcycle.xml" />


The plugin relies on the Admin Plugin only (as every other B3 plugin). Although the plugin overrides some commands declared in other plugins (!map from Admin Plugin and !setnextmap, !cyclemap from PowerAdminUrt Plugin) and some functions provided by the Jumper Plugin. So, if you have those plugins loaded, make sure that in your b3.xml the mapcycle plugin is loaded after them.

In-game user guide


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