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Author Topic: SourceMod Commands  (Read 6246 times)

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SourceMod Commands
« on: September 13, 2012, 05:22:02 PM »
This plugins allows you to run sorucemod commands through B3.

!drug <player|@t|@ct> - Durgs a player
!beacon <player|@t|@ct> - Gives player a beacon
!firebomb <player|@t|@ct> - Firebomb a player
!freeze <player|@t|@ct> - Freeze a player
!freezebomb <player|@t|@ct> - Freezebomb a player
!blind <player|@t|@ct> [<amount>] - Blinds a player
!burn <player|@t|@ct> [<time>] - Burn a player
!kill <player|@t|@ct> - Kill a player
!slap <player|@t|@ct> [<health>] - slap health off a player
!cancelvote - Cancels an active vote
!mapvote - Start a map vote
!gravity <player> [<amount>] - Sets a players gravity
!noclip <player> - Turn on/off a players noclip
!hsay <message> - sends hint message to all players
!msay <message> - sends message as a menu panel
!admin - Opens Source Mod Admin Menu(Requires SM Admin Access)

The !admin command also requires a sourcemod plugin called Client Exec to be installed you can download it here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=513074

Mirror 1
Mirror 2
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